Welcome to your universal medical record.

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It's your health information. You should have access to it.

Traditionally, your medical records are controlled by your physician's organization with limited ability for you to take them with you when you change jobs or move to a new city. Populace puts you in control of your medical information. With Populace, you always access to your health care records and maintain the ability to share it with specialists or new healthcare providers.

All your medical records, in one place

Do you know if you recieved a tetanus shot within the last 10 years? You would if your medical records were stored in a secure repository like Midlife that is always accessible to you.

Changing doctors or providers?

You can easily to share your medical history with a new provider or specialist. You health information is stored in an industry standard data format that your doctor's electronic medical record system understands.

Complete Control and Security

Nothing is shared with anyone without your explicit request to do so. Your health information is stored in highly secure databases in an encrypted format. All transmission of your health information is always done over encrypted channels in compliance with patient privacy and security regulations.

Take Control Of Your Health Information

Patient data

Pieces our medical, vision, and dental information get stored in isolated silos. As you move to a different city or job, there is no simple way of transferring this information to your new physician.

Populace aims to solve this problem by providing you a single aggregated view of your medical history. We connect directly with your providers electronic medical record systems and import your records into a highly secure universally accessible repository that stores your health records. Your health information is always accessible to you and you are in control over who gets access to your health information.

Helping You Make Sense Of Your Health Information

Getting control of your health involes more than just aggregating your health records from sources. You also need to be able to navigate and understand your health information. You need a clear view of your on going health conditions and your physician's recommended action plan.

The Populace patient portal provides a clear, concise view of your medical information including visits, diagnosis, lab results, prescriptions, and immunizations. Populace maintains an active connection to your physician's electronic medical record system and always shows an up-to-date view.

We have a knack for user interface design and work hard to make sure our patient portal is highly usable, easy to navigate, and pleasure to use by members.

Personal health

We are committed to lowering the cost of care delivery by eliminating costs associated with duplicate or unecessary exams and procedures, improving patient engagement, and providing a fuller view of patient and population health to physicians and care managers.